Vegan Meals Not Accecptable Substitute for Kosher Fare in Indiana Prisons

Court tells Indiana prison to keep it kosher. The Jewish Chronicle reports that an Orthodox Jewish inmate at Indiana's Miami Correctional Facility has successfully sued the state to bring back kosher meals. The prison stopped serving kosher meals last year, instead providing a vegan option to cut costs. A federal court judge ruled this to be a breech of religious rights.

Don't want to worry about what to eat in prison? Refraining from putting cut beer cans around seagulls will keep you out of the slammer. The Contra Costa Times takes a look at the work and expense required to save birds on northern California's coast who have been forced to wear beer cans like collars.

Further south, the Los Angeles Unified School District isn't interested in Jamie Oliver's food revolution. According to the Los Angeles Times, the British celebrity chef is relocating to L.A. for the second season of his hit show, but was turned down when he proposed involving the large public school district.

Maybe Jamie should try the other coast. Business Week has details about the New York City School of Urban Agriculture. In January the new program will start offering two-year programs to teach urbanites to grow and market vegetables.