Food & Wine Magazine's Best New Chefs 2012: How Far Would You Drive?

"Drive," she said: Food & Wine magazine editor Dana Cowin.
"Drive," she said: Food & Wine magazine editor Dana Cowin.

At a big-ass party tonight in Manhattan -- the one in New York -- Food & Wine magazine editor Dana Cowin will announce this year's crop of "Best New Chefs."

To you and Gut Check, that translates as: Earlier today Food & Wine cryptically tweeted, press-released and otherwise hollered to the far territories the identities of the ten U.S. hash slingers whose restaurants are going to be harder to reserve a table at for the next little while.

Speaking of the far territories, if you're looking to strap on the feedbag at one of these touched-by-an-angel eateries, your first stop will have to be QuikTrip. Because you have a road trip ahead of you.

Road trip!

The Catbird Seat in Nashville, where tag-team chef tandem Erik Anderson and Josh Habiger ply their trade, is a little more than 300 miles southeast of St. Louis, in Nashville.

RIA, just a hop, skip and a jump up I-55 on the near north side of Chicago, is technically a few miles closer, but Gut Check's betting a table at Danny Grant's posh digs in the Waldorf Astoria will involve more car time. You know, traffic.

Just a thought, but you might want to make a reservation before you hit the highway. Gut Check just consulted Open Table, and right now there's room for your party of two on Saturday if you can keep starvation at bay till 9:00 or 9:15 p.m.

Got your heart set on Anderson and Habiger? You're on your own. The boys from Nashville don't mess with Open Table, because there's only room for 32 customers in the place. Catbird Seat -- get it?