Triple Double Oreos? We Make Our Own

Triple Double Oreos hit the shelves this summer. - Nabisco
Triple Double Oreos hit the shelves this summer.

Oh my God! Oreo's introducing a giant, double-decker cookie that sort of looks like a chocolate Big Mac!

News that Nabisco's introducing the Triple Double Oreo leaked last week. ABC calls it outrageous; Nabisco had the audacity to take a normal Oreo and top it with chocolate creme and another Oreo cookie wafer!

We're all going to die of the fat. The Consumerist likens the cookie to KFC's Double Down and Denny's Baconalia.

To which we say, simmer down! It's just a damn cookie.

Being the impatient type, we can't wait until this summer to try the Triple Double Oreo. Perhaps this efficient sugar delivery device was created with us in mind. At any rate, this seemed like the right time to have over two pounds of Oreos in the house.

Triple Double your Oreo pleasure. - Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Triple Double your Oreo pleasure.

It's such a simple concept we have to wonder why people weren't doing this in the first place. Start with two Oreos, one chocolate and one regular.

Ebony and ivory Oreos. - Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Ebony and ivory Oreos.

Give one cookie the signature Oreo twist. Try not to think too much about what chemical compounds keep the creme on one wafer. Smack the waferless cookie on top of the intact cookie.

Oreos. Stacked. - Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Oreos. Stacked.