Celebrate Lady Gaga's Starbucks Partnership with Six Coffee House-Style Gaga Songs

Lady Gaga, on the edge of a glorious Venti latte. - buzznet.com
Lady Gaga, on the edge of a glorious Venti latte.

It's a heady time for Lady Gaga. Cracking shit up on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, the release of her third album - Born This Way - on Tuesday, and on Thursday Lady Gaga will begin a partnership with Starbucks.

Lady Gaga and the coffee house vibe? That doesn't seem right. At least she's not going to release a limited edition CD of her hits, rendered Jewel-style to sell at Starbucks stores. Instead, there will be a Lady Gaga scavenger hunt across Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare with Gaga prizes.

To celebrate today's release of Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way, Starbucks in-store customers will be able to stream the album at the stores, download the single Edge of Glory, and watch a special video on Starbucks Digital Network.

Not that this is the first time Lady Gaga's music has been crammed into the coffee house scene. Check out these little monsters covering Gaga's greatest hits in java joints.

Poker Face


Bad Romance