Why Steve Jobs is One of the Most Powerful People in Food

Yesterday TheDailyMeal.com revealed its 50 most powerful people in food, and the Canadian Press asked, "Steve Jobs is number five? Huh." Of course, it's because of the changes food apps for iPhones and iPads have created. They further break down the list that includes chefs, bureaucrats, tech innovators, CEOs of giant companies, and of course, the number one most powerful person in food - you.

Kraft wants to use your face to help you decided what to eat. Fast Company visits the Meal Planning Solution kiosk at the 2011 National Retail Federation Show. The kiosk, created by Intel, determines a shopper's demographics through a face scan, then suggests Kraft products they should buy, or recipes based around Kraft products. And it gives cookie samples if you hit the right buttons!

A report from the Secretary of State's office shows that a special election in West Virginia cost the state $1 million in liquor sales. The Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail reports that after the death of Sen. Robert Byrd, the state scheduled a special election on Saturday, August 28. Being one of five states that legally prohibits liquor sales on Election Day, West Virigina lost a full weekend's business in their 215 state-owned liquor stores. The law was initially created to prevent politicians from buying shots for voters.

Today's food recall? Lots of pre-made ground beef patties. 7,875 pounds of ready-to-eat Angus Beef patties were recalled by a Southern California wholesaler because of possible listeria contamination, according to the Associated Press. The patties weren't supposed to be shipped in the first place.