The Morning Brew: 5.11

USDA will hold poultry to a higher standard. Business Week reports, "The new standards, which outline best practices for averting poisonings, lower the allowable percentage of positive tests for pathogens in birds processed by poultry companies such as Tyson Foods Inc. and Pilgrim's Pride Corp. They are the first ever for campylobacter and the first revisions for salmonella in chicken since 1996 and in turkey since 2005."

Because there just aren't enough soda combos available: meet the Coke Freestyle, a vending machine that allows customers to customize their drinks via a computer touch screen. Slashfoods reports that the machine not only gives people the option to create raspberry Diet Coke or peach Fanta, but will also provide the Coca-Cola corporation with loads of data on what concoctions customers are willing to buy. No word on if Coke intentionally named the machine after the Freestyle brand of blood sugar monitoring equipment.

Just how bad are school lunches? There's a top five list that's been making the local news rounds, researched by the non-profit group Physicians for Responsible Medicine. The list is based on saturated fat and sodium content.