Salmonella Infects 1,048 Japanese Schoolchildren

Hey y'all, guess what!

Turns out the U.S. isn't the only nation that has problems with salmonella outbreaks and crappy school lunches. Food Safety News reported yesterday that 1,048 school kids contracted salmonella after eating a school lunch of miso soup with potatoes, green salad, and Japanese radish with minced chicken, rice and milk at a school in Iwamizawa, an island in northern Japan.

The suspect meal was prepared in a commissary that produced food for about 3,000 people.

Enough to fill the town of Holly, Colorado. Located near the state's southeast border with Kansas, its population is the same as the number of Japanese kids enduring salmonella's explosive diarrhea.

Holly, Colorado's big enough to have an airport! And big enough to operate the Holly Sugar factory until it was bought by Imperial Sugar in 1988!

Straight from Holly, Colorado -
Straight from Holly, Colorado

Alas, those 1,048 schoolkids are going to need more than Colorado-made refined beet sugar to stop feeling green.