The Fortune Teller Bar: Review and Slideshow + An Animated Guide by Co-Owner Sam Coffey on How to Order the "Yellow Bandito"

       A Black Forest ham sandwich | Mabel Suen
       A Black Forest ham sandwich | Mabel Suen

The Fortune Teller Bar opened late last year, offering a quirky watering hole for Cherokee neighborhood frequenters. The food menu contains a small selection of hot sandwiches accurately touted as "melty slabs of satisfying snackitude." Oh, and the pickles. Our review of the Fortune Teller Bar, along with an accompanying slideshow, is now online.

The Fortune Teller Bar's cocktails, developed by co-owner Kristin Dennis, often get their kick from house made bitters and infused vodkas. If you're looking for something a little *ahem* simpler though, try co-owner Sam Coffey's "Yellow Bandito," a concoction made up of Stag on ice with lemon and a straw. He demonstrates a series of hand signals he's developed to order his special drink below:

Yellow Bandito

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