Chipotle Partners with Delta Dental Health Theatre for Kids Nutrition Education

Chipotle Partners with Delta Dental Health Theatre for Kids Nutrition Education

Among the night spots on Laclede's Landing, there's a theater working to teach St. Louis area kids about oral health. Since 1977 the Delta Dental Health Theatre has been entertaining and educating kids from its stage, surrounded by giant teeth.

On March 7, local Chipotle restaurants will be donating 50 percent of their proceeds from 4 - 8 p.m. to the Delta Dental Health Theatre Nutrition Education Program. We talked to the theatre's executive director Shannon Woodcock, and Wayne Prichard of Chipotle about the partnership, which they forged at a golf tournament benefiting the theatre last year.

"We all should support the theatre based on one key fact: they are 100 percent committed to helping kids live a healthier life. Whether it is oral hygiene or learning about the difference between fresh and processed foods, their mission is clear, wholesome, and one worth supporting," said Prichard.

The theater's mission has moved beyond oral health in a way that incorporates nutrition. Woodcock explains, "DDHT began incorporating nutrition when we realized it is not enough to tell a child to go home and brush your teeth twice a day if they are going to sit on the couch all day, playing video games eating sugary foods and drinking soda. It just doesn't work. The theatre is constantly evolving. Our goal is to have updated and expert information to make sure we are giving children the best chance at making healthier food choices."

So, what should Chipotle patrons nosh on March 7 to better their own dental health? Prichard says, "If I had to pick, I would say two chicken crunchy tacos with hot salsa cheese and lettuce. None of these ingredients have the freshly-diced cilantro that loves to get in between your teeth! We should still be flossing every day, though."

Woodcock has a slightly different suggestion. "Everything at Chipotle is a great menu item. They use foods without preservatives and additives, making it not only healthier for our oral health but overall health as well. That being said there are certain foods like cheese and meats that will have a tendency to find their way in between our teeth. We recommend coming out to our event, try a burrito, and finish off the evening by flossing and brushing."

Chipotle Mexican Grill Fundraising dinner for Delta Dental Health Theatre All St. Louis area locations Monday, March 7 4:00pm - 8:00pm 50% of all proceeds go to the Delta Dental Health Theater Nutrition Education Program.

Delta Dental Health Theater 727 N. First Street Laclede's Landing St. Louis, MO 63102