Companion Breaded Bliss

Companion Breaded Bliss - Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Companion Breaded Bliss

Dr. Atkins just rolled over in his grave. Which was probably pretty easy, since it's still coated in bacon grease.

Companion recently collaborated with Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate to make a carb-lover's dream: chocolate-covered bread.

That's right. Chocolate-covered bread. Sort of. It's not like they took a slab of ciabatta and dunked it in melted chocolate. Instead, it's a brick of dark chocolate surrounding small croutons, then topped with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt.

The high cocoa content of the chocolate masks any flavor of the croutons. It's a chocolate-eating experience, not a bread experience, which is fine. It's essentially a thick chocolate bark filled with croutons.

The croutons provide texture -- crispness and lightness reminiscent of the British Aero bars. Only better, because of the quality of the ingredients. The sea salt intensifies the flavor and gives an updated twist to the chocolate that's so familiar from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate's 2 Pound Special brick of solid chocolate.

It's a blast of chocolate, and very rich, so a little goes a long way. It's a different twist, both satisfying and crave-worthy.

Breaded Bliss is available at Companion Cafes (8143 Maryland Ave., Clayton, 314-352-4770 and 9781 Clayton Rd., Ladue, 314-352-4770) and Local Harvest Grocery (3108 Morgan Ford Rd, 314-865-5260)