Man Responds to Understuffed Chalupas with Molotov Cocktail

click to enlarge Man Responds to Understuffed Chalupas with Molotov Cocktail

Stop me if you've heard this one before:

The Smoking Gun reports that a man bought two "XXL Chalupas" from the drive-thru window of an Albany, Georgia, Taco Bell. When the man opened his order at home, he thought he'd been short-changed on the amount of meat in these "XXL Chalupas." He called, demanding the order be remade, but the store was about to close.

[Manager Cynthia] Thompson said that shortly after the call she and other Taco Bell employees "could smell gasoline but was unaware of where it was coming from. They then realized the fire outside of the drive thru window."

Investigators found the makeshift incendiary device--a "melting plastic bottle with a liquid substance still inside"--outside the Taco Bell, where a large sign beckons patrons to "Come Try The New XXL Chalupa. Bigger Is Better."
I notice you haven't stopped me. The alleged Taco Bell bomber remains at large. Taco Bell's "XXL Chalupa" promotion continues unabated.

(h/t: Grub Street)