The Map Room Fan Club by the Numbers

click to enlarge There's a patio, in case you hadn't heard.
There's a patio, in case you hadn't heard.
On Tuesday, I reported that the Map Room, a café and wine bar, is now open in Benton Park. The post now has eleven comments, nine of which are strongly positive. (The other two are reactions to the comments.)

Here's the eyebrow-raising part: The exact same thing happened last month when I posted about the Map Room's imminent opening. There are fourteen comments on that post -- again, mostly strongly positive.

Just for fun, I give you some numbers:
Number of Strongly Positive Comments - 20

References to the Patio/Courtyard (Including Not Being Able to Wait for Warmer Weather to Enjoy Said Patio/Courtyard) - 11

References to Looking Forward to Watching Movies in Aforementioned Patio/Courtyard - 5

Comparisons of the Map Room to Missouri Wineries - 4

References of Owners as Very Nice People (Sweetheart, Doll, etc.) - 5

Exclamation Points - 53
The award for most over-the-top comment goes to one Joyce, from last month's coming-soon post:
Want to get away from all the stress of everyday especially now with the economic turmoil? I think I found it here at the Map Room, so relaxing, I've never been in an atmosphere like that before and a very nice lady owner.
The award for the best comment goes to one Gillooly, who wrote the following yesterday (though on the post from last month):
Those other customers are rank amateurs compared to how much I love this place. This is without exaggeration my favorite retail establishment in the Northern Hemisphere! The decor is absolutely perfect for posting suspicious reviews on food blogs. I haven't been home in three days!