China's Food Inflation Skyrockets

Food inflation hits China and threatens the country's stability. The Los Angeles Times looks at why food prices have increased over 10 percent in the past year. While Americans spend 12 percent of their income on food, rural Chinese residents spend around 36 percent, making for a huge economic hit.

Finding fresh food just got easier in the U.S. The blog Obama Foodorama features the new USDA farmers market app.

You don't need an app to find apps at T.G.I. Friday's - they're everywhere. Edible Geography interviews Alan Stillman, who started the company in 1965 in hopes of meeting girls and having an ongoing public cocktail party. Instead he spearheaded the chain restaurant industry.

But do they have pie? Just about everyone else does. The New York Times reports that pie's about to overtake cupcakes as the hot dessert trend in New York and San Francisco. The lick-able pecan pie photo in the story proves why.