Eckert's Blackberries Ready for Picking

       Blackberries are ripe at Eckert's. | Eckert's
       Blackberries are ripe at Eckert's. | Eckert's

We know what you're thinking: Blackberry picking is just great -- if only it didn't involve so much bending over. Eckert's (951 S. Green Mount Road, Belleville, Illinois; 618-233-0513) has got it covered.

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Eckert's is one of the few orchards in the country with a new rotating trellis system that raises up the blackberries to eye level for easier picking. It also gives the blackberries more sun exposure.

Blackberry picking started June 27, but the new system was so popular, Eckert's had to suspend public picking for a few days in order to let more fruit ripen. Pick-your-own blackberries reopened Wednesday, July 3, and Eckert's has planted a bunch of different varieties that will ripen throughout the summer.

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