Here is Nelly Performing "Hot in Herre" with the Roots (Video)

Well this is awesome. Nelly, fresh off his blowout headlining gig downtown last weekend, landed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Which means that, like all Fallon's musical guests, he got to play with the Roots as his backing band. And, perhaps because he's re-evaluating his musical legacy or perhaps because he was there promoting his Ex'treme Institute and not a new album, he did the best possible thing: played "Hot in Herre." Video below.

OK, so it's only a minute long, but if that didn't at least make you want to undo a shirt button or two, I don't know what will make you feel anything.

This isn't the Roots most re-interpretive late night guest appearance, but that Neptunes track doesn't really need improving. Questlove, as usual, is the coolest person alive.