Columbia, Missouri's Bald Eagle is *Not* Playing Lollapalooza

We were collectively stoked this morning to see Emergency Umbrella's Bald Eagle listed on Lollapalooza's official lineup -- even though I wondered how the Columbia band came to perform at the three-day festival, because it's not as well-known (or sedate, or jam-bandy, or trendy) as many of the performers listed.

Turns out the skepticism had some merit. The MySpace bulletin (confirming an earlier comment):

For anyone who is confused or curious, BALD EAGLE (from columbia missouri) ie. this BALD EAGLE. Is not playing Lollapalooza in Chicago this year. There was apparently a lineup leak that said that we were playing and even a link to our myspace page and picture of our guitar player Danny. However it was all a big mistake on the part of some little shit who works for Lollapalooza. They got us mixed up with DJ BALD EAGLE (from Chicago), who is playing this year. The funny/bad thing is we have had things like this happen before with the same guy (which is someone that i actually know, dj bald eagle used to play in a 90's band called Ethel Meserve). We have asked him many times to change his name, as he often goes by just Bald Eagle and has been mistaken for us before. We are going to look into matters, and make sure this shit doesn't happen again.

Fucking dumb huh?

Ooh, someone's in trouble. Or facing a name change. It's Lollapalooza's loss, really: Bald Eagle from Columbia tore up the Billiken Club on Friday night with jagged shards of post-hardcore/punk, insane drumming and banshee yelps.

-- Annie Zaleski