Sesame Street Dabbles in Disco: Video and MP3 Evidence

In the paper this week, we featured a short piece in conjunction with the stage production Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up. Writer Ryan Wasoba pondered what tunes might have soundtracked the furry red Muppet's life. Such as:

The Pixies, "Something Against You." Life on the 'Street isn't all fun and insidiously educational games. In the late '80s Sesame Street purists had something against Elmo taking screen time away from older characters. Others feared that his habit of speaking in third person would teach children bad grammar. If Elmo were human, he'd be in his angsty late teens around this time. He would have certainly found comfort in Frank Black's distorted shriek, brought to you by the letters F and U.

Back in the day, Sesame Street was equally hip to musical trends -- including disco. Especially disco. The Sesame Street Disco and Sesame Street Fever LPs are much-sought-after collector's items, while YouTube is a veritable treasure trove of vintage 'Street happy feet.

Here's video evidence of Grover acting like a straight-up pimp to all of the fuzzy ladies on the dancefloor. And those moves! They make "The Hustle" look tame.

And here's Cookie Monster invoking Shaft. Really, it's all in the details.

Behold the classique bit of disco goodness (besides "Disco Frog," of course):

MP3: Cookie Monster, "I Lost Me Cookie at the Disco"

-- Annie Zaleski