Top Sellers at Area Record Stores: Week of August 10-16

Every Monday A to Z publishes the best-selling releases from area independent record stores from the preceding week. An asterisk after an album name indicates that the act is coming to town. And so without further ado:

Euclid Records 1. Bottle Rockets: Lean Forward* 2. Wilco: Wilco The Album* 3. Son Volt: American Central Dust 4. Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs: Under The Covers Volume 2 5.Willie Nelson: Lost Highway* 6. Yim Yames (Jim James) Tribute To George Harrison 7. Green Day: 21rst Century Breakdown 8. Levon Helm: Electric Dirt 9. Jets Overhead: No Nations 10. Dan Deacon:Bromst

Vintage Vinyl 1. CAVO---Bright Nights, Dark Days 2. BOTTLE ROCKETS---Lean Forward* 3. MODEST MOUSE---No One's First, And You're Next 4. MAXWELL---BLACKsummers'night 5. K-JON---I Get Around 6. FABOLOUS---Loso's Way 7. MICHAEL JACKSON---Off The Wall 8. SON VOLT---American Central Dust 9. MICHAEL JACKSON---Bad 10. MOS DEF---Ecstatic 11. COBRA STARSHIP---Hot Mess 12. BAND OF SKULLS---Baby Darling Doll Face Honey 13. REEL BIG FISH----Fame, Fortune, & Fornication 14. MICHAEL JACKSON---Number Ones 15. DISCOVERY---LP 16. WILCO---Wilco (The Album)* 17. BEHEMOTH---Evangelion 18. DJ TRACKSTAR---Eff Yeah It's Summer* 19. TWISTA---Category F5 20. SET YOUR GOALS---This Will Be The Death Of Us* 21. PATTERSON HOOD---Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs) 22. ROBERT POLLARD---Elephant Jokes 23. PORTUGAL THE MAN---Satanic Satanist 24. AMANDA BLANK---I Love You 25. YIM YAMES---Tribute To