Valentine's Day Mixes: Love Me or Hate Me, I'm Still an Obsession

So, as anyone who's seen High Fidelity knows, offering to make a mix for someone is the ultimate romantic gesture -- if you're a certain type of music geek, that is. For the lovelorn or pining-after, placing a certain song at a certain juncture on a CD (or tape, or MP3 playlist, whatever) signifies hidden meanings and/or secret messages -- in hopes that your beloved (or crush) would magically hear and understand your deep feelings of looooove.

I don't have anyone to make a mix for this year (Gentlemen? Any takers?), but I did find this mix I made last year, for a DJ night. I have no idea why track 14 is on there, but the rest are pretty self-explanatory. And yes, I know some aren't romantic or love songs -- they're melancholy, "oh woe is me, love is gone and/or nonexistent!" songs. But I almost love those types of songs more. (What can I say? I grew up on the Smiths.)

What's your love/lust/lonely mix? Post in the comments.

1. Flock of Seagulls, "Space Age Love Song" 2. The Waterboys, "Fisherman's Blues" 3. Wilco featuring Billy Bragg, "California Stars" 4. R.E.M., "Near Wild Heaven" 5. Semisonic, "Singing In My Sleep" 6. Sloan, "Waterfalls" (Wings cover) 7. Matthew Sweet, "I've Been Waiting" 8. The Pipettes, "Your Kisses are Wasted on Me" 9. Jane Wiedlin, "Rush Hour" 10. Cyndi Lauper, "I Drove All Night" 11. Catherine Wheel, "I Want to Touch You" 12. The dB's, "Never Before and Never Again" 13. Keane, "Bend and Break" 14. The Knife, "Marble House"

-- Annie Zaleski