Go Download The New Humanoids Record For Free!

Back in July, we ran a feature on St. Louis' favorite melodic, pop-core playboys, the Humanoids. The band was gearing up for the release of its new self-titled album on FreeMusicFirst.org., and about to embark on the highly-regarded punk rock package tour featuring Off With Their Heads, Dead to Me and Riverboat Gamblers. "It was definitely the most successful trip we've ever been on, and you couldn't ask for a better lineup," says bassist Ryan Zimmerman regarding the tour. "Trips get a lot more fun when you are playing with three of your favorite bands every night. The highlights for me were playing the infamous Triple Rock in Minneapolis, and seeing Mike Wiebe jump off the balcony at the Subterranean in Chicago."

After an unforeseen delay, the new album is officially streaming and available for download...FOR FREE. One reason the label has chosen to offer The Humanoids as a free download is to gauge the level of interest so it knows how best to handle the album down the road. "It feels great for people to finally hear it," confesses Zimmerman. "The Internet thing is a little different, but that won't be the last version of the record. Either way, we are stoked to move on and keep jammin'."

We also caught up with Vinnie Fiorello, drummer of Less Than Jake, owner of Paper + Plastick Records, and the proprietor of FreeMusicFirst.org, via email. The man knows a thing or two about scouting talent and releasing records, as he also founded Fueled By Ramen Records, which has released albums by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco to name a few.

Never one to mince words, Fiorello had the following to say about The 'Noids and its sound:

Michael Dauphin: How did you first hear of the Humanoids?

Vinnie Fiorello: Through Jon [Weiner] of The Dopamines and Adam [Fletcher] from Dear Landlord. The songs blew me away on first listen.

What was your first impression upon hearing them, and then meeting them?

Great guys in a great band. We drank whiskey and watched the editor for Dudes Magazine (Jason "Nighthawk" Stuhlmann) pass out.

What drew you to the new album?

Like I said, the songs are amazing and all the guys in the band are way too nice.

What do you dig about their sound?

It's gruff--while having melody--and the arrangements to the songs are interesting . They don't really fall into bland pop structure.

Head over to www.FreeMusicFirst.org and check out the new album. The Humanoids will also be playing at Firebird on October 21 with Flatfoot 56, In Defence, Opposites Attack and Red Handed Bandits.