Jeff Tweedy's Son Spencer: His Blog Is Better Than Yours

(Via Stereogum) When you were thirteen, what were you doing? Me, I listened to a lot of R.E.M., had poofy hair and braces and wrote angsty, depressed journal entries about how terrible my life was and how Spanish class sucked. But kids these days -- man, they're just so sophisticated. Take Jeff Tweedy's son Spencer, who has a polished, put-together blog that details vacation fun in New Zealand, or how he celebrated his birthday at Madison Square Garden, where he drummed on "The Late Greats" with his dad's band. Who was opening for Neil Young. (And oh yes, the performance was "captured on HD cameras and will be used in my upcoming Bar-Mitzvah video. What a great experience!").

The whole thing would be suspicious, if Spencer wasn't so darn charming. (Under "heritage," he says: "I think I might be Chicagoan, Polish, Scottish, Canadian, and German.") And don't worry, folks -- his dad is raising him right. On the "About me" page, Spencer says:

Favorite Sports Teams

Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Cardinals (I know it's crazy), St. Louis Rams

Peruse the rest here.

-- Annie Zaleski