Have You Seen Hollerado's Video for "Americanarama" Yet?

A few weeks ago, the Canadian band Hollerado released a new video for its song "Americanarama." For the unfamiliar, the band compares to OK Go in several ways: power-pop hooks, clever songwriting, DIY practices and next-level video concepts. "Americanarama" is a one-take clip dubbed the "Human 8-bit Video," and it comes with everything from Pong references to herky-jerky performance footage. Just go watch it below; there's too much going on to summarize. Hollerado's first official full-length album, Record In A Bag, was available for free at its website (but is now available for sale via iTunes). And believe it or not, the band is coming to St. Louis: It's opening for Free Energy and Foxy Shazam at the Old Rock House next Wednesday, October 20.