American Music Club: New album, The Golden Age, in 2008

This post over at Chromewaves reminded me that dour cult favorites American Music Club have a new record (The Golden Age) coming out on February 19 via Merge Records.

I found out about this a few weeks ago, since AMC's management company is Undertow -- which has strong ties, of course, to St. Louis via the label and bands. An ex introduced me to the band, which specializes in copper-burnished riffs, sad-sack lyrics and absolutely desolate atmospheres; I expect that this album will produce more of the same delicious misery.

AMC didn't hit St. Louis a few years ago (the closest being a slot opening for Spoon in Columbia). Let's hope they come through this time around.

Take a listen to some AMC and other Undertow acts via this standalone player below. Ignore the August date; the songs are still viable.

-- Annie Zaleski