St. Louis Halloween Shows: Friday, October 31

Here's what I have so far in terms of shows going on this Halloween. Add to 'em in the comments.

Friday, October 31 *Dressy Bessy/Poison Control Center/Tight Pants Syndrome, Duck Room *Murder Happens/Trash & Suicide/Polarized Mind, Bluebird *The Livers, Way Out Club *Halloween Funk Jam, Atomic Cowboy *Bockman/The Feed's Excellent Adventure, Lucas School House *Strawfoot/Monads, Off Broadway *Pat Sajak Assassins/Skarekrau Radiuo/Bunnygrunt, CBGB *Dark Star Orchestra, Pageant *Upright Animals/Midwest Avengers, Pop’s *Ten High (CD release)/Miles of Wire, The Gramophone *Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell, Deluxe *King Thief/Chapters, Cicero's