Video: Nelly Interview (Part 2): Talking Collaborators and Kanye West

Last week I met with Nelly at his Skybox restaurant on Laclede's Landing to talk about Brass Knuckles, his upcoming fifth studio album. We'll be unrolling these videos for the rest of the week, so stay tuned for more chatter about Kanye West, the state of hip-hop, the latest on the St. Lunatics and more. (For the first two segments of the interview, click here.)

"I did a lot of collaborations on this album; probably more than I ever have."

"This was like, early '98... Kanye was in New York...He was just getting his grind on and I came up and met him...and we talked and found he was from Chicago and I was from St. Louis...he always said he was going to be exactly where he's at, maybe in a different way, but he knew it. No one believed in himself as much as he did."