Show Review, Setlist and Photos: Steely Dan at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis, Monday, August 18

Setlist: 1.Everyone’s Gone To The Movies/ The Fez (instrumental) 2. The Royal Scam 3. I Got The News 4. Showbiz Kids 5. Bodhisattva 6. Two Against Nature 7. Hey Nineteen 8. Godwhacker 9. Bablyon Sisters 10. New Frontier 11. Gaucho (Walter Becker vocal) 12. Black Friday 13. Parker’s Band (backing vocalists only) 14. Josie 15. Aja 16. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart (Supremes cover; backing vocalists only) 17. Peg 18. My Old School

Encore: 19. Kid Charlemagne

(more pics after the jump; all by Richard Landow)

(stage left)

(stage right)