Lo-Fi Sessions: Magnolia Summer, Ludo, Fred Friction

Bill Streeter has quietly started doing some pretty awe-inspiring work with local musicians over at Lo-Fi Sessions. The premise is simple: He films performances with one-camera, no editing and live sound at the colorful crevices of the City Museum.

The evocative, rich performances remind me of the work Vincent Moon's been doing with his "Take Away Shows," where he captures musicians performing in various locales and cities. Or the Black Cab Sessions, where people are caught doing one song, one take in the back of a cab. (Tip to Chris for that one.) Imagine the possibilities if touring bands caught wind of what Streeter was doing and wanted to film these...hmm...

Here's Magnolia Summer performing two new songs, which will see the light of day officially at its CD release show at Off Broadway on November 7.

Here's Ludo, stripped-down and performing "Please" -- my favorite song on its record -- and "Lake Pontchartain." The coolest part about this is that Tim Convy is playing an antique pump organ the museum installed.

And last but certainly not least: Fred Friction dong "Ice Cream Truck Blues" (nod to Johnny Cash, yup) while traveling on a kiddie train.

Go check out more at lofisessions.com.

-- Annie Zaleski