Antarctica Lounge Officially Opening On Thursday

Although the Antarctica Lounge (5226 Gravois Avenue) has been hosting karaoke nights and the occasional show already, the venue's official opening date is set for this Thursday. The space's schedule of weekly events so far includes:

Thursday: Indie Rock Karaoke (initial list here -- and really, any venue with that many choices from the Lemonheads, Morrissey and obscuro-pop geniuses Irving is okay in my book)
Friday: "Are We Having Fun Yet?" (described as a "laid-back dance party")
Saturday:  "It's You, It's Me, There's Dancing" dance party

This Facebook group has photos of the venue -- and dance party choices -- as well as more contact info and ways to connect with other like-minded folks who might head over there. Hours at the moment are from 8 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.