Kinky Friedman's Hanukkah Tour: Now With Tequila And Jump Drives

Kinky Friedman is returning to Off Broadway on December 2nd. However, this being Kinky Friedman, there will be considerably more on the docket than a dude singing into a microphone. Currently between book-writing efforts, the Kinkster is on the road for Hanukkah, stopping in fourteen cities. And like a cigar smoking, acidly funny Jewish Santa Claus, he comes bearing gifts: He's working on a tequila (why not?) and digital forms of his music on something called a "Kinky Nano" and a "Kinky Jump Drive."

The former holds 200 of his songs and the latter has him reading three of his own books. This is officially our favorite crotchety nod to the new world of digital music: Freidman types these books on a typewriter and famously detests the Internet. So what better way to avoid getting left behind than bring physical things containing digital files on tour? Never change, Kinky.

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