Video Premiere: Lizzie Weber Goes Wilde on "Nightingale," Plays Tonight at Old Rock House

Video Premiere: Lizzie Weber Goes Wilde on "Nightingale," Plays Tonight at Old Rock House
Screenshot from the video.

When local singer/songwriter Lizzie Weber released her self-titled debut album earlier this year, she introduced herself and her work with an immersive, striking video for her song "Falling Like Fools." Directed by Carla Dauden and featuring some grade-A cinematography, the video helped illustrate some of the full-hearted drama on Weber's apt debut. See also: Lizzie Weber's Debut Album Suggests Good Things from a Young Songwriter

Now, Weber shares a new, as yet unreleased song with a live-in-studio video, recorded at St. Louis' Sherpa Studios. Weber accompanies herself on acoustic guitar and is joined by cellist Sean Hamre and violinist Katelyn Hamre.

Reached by email, Weber expounded on the song's literary inspiration:

"So, the tune is based on the short story by Oscar Wilde, 'The Nightingale and the Rose.' Briefly, it's the tale of a young boy searching for a rose to give to a young woman in hopes she will love him as he loves her. The nightingale hears his crying and ends up finding a tree who offers her a rose but says she must sacrifice herself in order to have it. So she accepts and takes a thorn in her chest, and she ultimately dies to give this young boy the rose. The irony of it all is that the boy ignores the sacrifice and is ungrateful, and when he offers the young woman the red rose, she disregards him still.

I was so moved by the story that I wrote a song highlighting the nightingale's self-sacrifice for a stranger in pain. To quote the nightingale in the story: 'Love is better than Life itself.'"

Weber will perform tonight in support of Ryan Montbleau at the Old Rock House; the show starts at 8 p.m. and admission is $12 at the door. Later this fall, Weber will join Markéta Irglová, one-half of the Swell Season and one of Weber's chief inspirations, onstage in Los Angeles and sing one of her songs during Irglová's set. We hope to share footage of that performance after the fact.


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