Download: Old-School Punk and Hardcore Shows, Including Blind Idiot God

Big tip to Joe Stumble for finding Oxide Flake, a website run by a Kansas City guy named Jason that's posted a ton of old-school punk and hardcore shows from the '80s. Most were taped in KC and Lawrence and involve national or regional touring bands (Crucifucks, Black Flag, Micronotz, D.R.I. and Husker Du), but St. Louis' own Blind Idiot God rates a post. Along with a 1984 show from a VFW hall, the post includes a Maximum Rock'nRoll bit about St. Louis from that era and an article about a "punk-disco raid" at the Bernard Pub from that time. (Isn't punk-disco an oxymoron?) BTW, the Husker Du boot is fantastic and unhinged in all the right ways; be sure to snag it.

-- Annie Zaleski