Free Live Music Returns to the Re-Opened Mangia

Gut Check reported Thursday that south-side staple Mangia Italiano will be reopening this week. Although Mangia's new owners are still working out details, Eric Hall (who tends bar and books acts for the venue) offered up some info on what changes we can expect:

Well, the deal just finally closed on Wednesday and the new owners scrambled to get the doors open and everyone back to work as soon as possible -- so [today] is the official re-opening. That's a remarkable turnaround, and everyone is grateful to be back in there. Flex Boogie DJed [last week], and it felt great to have such a good crowd and his music back in there, and this was without anything more than a couple of Facebook mentions -- not even an official announcement. The word got out, though.

He went on to note some returning acts we can count on:

Totally Cute Boyz are still doing their Tuesday night thing (hiphop, exotica, avant disco, prog, and all manner of awesome and odd jams) and Dave Stone is still on Fridays, but the rest is still to be sorted, sooner than later.

"St. Louis Shuffle" (Matt Harnish of Bunnygrunt spins nothing but local jams) and "Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Dead" (Mister Ben of Freezerburn spins nothing but vinyl) will also return, although details are still to be announced.

The most important detail is already set in stone: All shows at Mangia will continue to be free.