Plush is Now Open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Every Day: Photos

Chef David Zimmerman and owner Maebelle Reed inside Plush. - Mabel Suen
Mabel Suen
Chef David Zimmerman and owner Maebelle Reed inside Plush.

After no small amount of preamble, fanfare, buildup and speculation, Plush is now open at 3224 Locust Street. The three story venue/restaurant/event space/bar/coffee shop/giant art project is starting to fill out its live music schedule and its doors are open nineteen hours per day for your perusal. The RFT food blog, Gut Check, has a preview of the restaurant side of things and some photos.

Gut Check talks to Plush chef David Zimmerman and owner Maebelle Reed

Meanwhile, the venue has issued a greeting of sorts on its official Facebook page. Read below.

We are now open serving breakfast lunch and dinner from 7:00am until 1:00am

We are big bold and unconventional in our beauty. We are hand made and comfortable but sometimes a bit sharp in our wit. We like things that don't go together. Reused, retrofitted and created from scratch. Experience a corner or 10,000 sq feet of venue.

3 floors of dynamic space for dining, drinking, enjoying music and other artistic entertainment, and private entertaining or business gatherings .

DINER Cafe- 2 floors of various seating arrangements and activity levels. Computer use encouraged with free WiFi and well placed outlets. Wait staff available on both floors.


BAR- 2 bars one for each floor servicing both the Diner and the Venue. Full range of adult beverages and cocktails.


Our menu items are made from SCRATCH - diner fare with an occasional twist. REAL food. no mixes or pre-made ingredients. Everything is made by hand: breads and buns, pickles, sauces, ketchup, mozzarella and desserts. We cure our own bacon, make our own sausage and grind and mix our own burgers.