Who Is Responsible for YouTube Video Sensation iamamiwhoami?

Few viral campaigns have so successfully captured the attention and imagination of the increasingly hard-to-shock Internet public like the recent iamamiwhoami sensation on YouTube. The series of hypnotic videos -- the latest of which was released on Sunday -- feature a disguised, blond-haired woman covered in some primordial ooze, then licking some different ooze off a tree, then swimming through some ooze...you get the picture. The newest video is a full four minutes, and gives a better look at the singer as she writhes over a piano, wrapped in packing tape.

Since the first of the mysterious videos surfaced in January, Internet obsessives and music nerds alike have been trading conspiracy theories; those accused of being behind the project include everyone from Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga to Goldfrapp and Trent Reznor. The "OMG it's Christina" camp has proved to be the loudest -- her fourth studio album, Bionic, is due out this year -- but the dirty girl and her reps have repeatedly denied involvement. (Not to mention that the videos' ethereal electro sound isn't exactly Christina's territory.)

Though no artist as officially laid claim to the videos, Internet super sleuths are pointing to Swedish songstress Jonna Lee, who will be performing at SXSW this week. The case for Lee? The imagery in the videos draws heavily on Scandinavian folklore, the woman's teeth and facial features are similar to Lee's visage, and it would seem that the timing is right: SXSW is the perfect venue for a big reveal. For one thing, she's insured that her shows in Austin will be well-attended.

On Monday, Lee's agent Jamie Jaffe told MTV: "If Jonna is involved in this, we have no knowledge of such. The only upcoming projects we are aware of are the development of her third album and her upcoming SXSW performances."

Whoever she is, she has our attention. If she can maintain this level of awesome weirdness and deliver a solid album, we're in for a treat.