New Year's Eve in St. Louis: The Shows

I probably won't post anything until the new year (unless something insane happens), so consider this post your one-stop shop for New Year's Eve goings-on. Feel free to chime in with what we might have missed!

[Edit: Yup, check the comments.]

*7 Shot Screamers/Bitch Slap Barbie/Mississippi Hippy Killers, Way Out Club, $10 *Bad Folk/Theodore/Grace Basement, Lemmons (open bar!) *Dr. Zhivegas, Pageant *Earthworms/Royal Illete/Upright Animals/Nite Owl/40 'til 5, Duck Room, 10 p.m. *Fattback, Off Broadway, 8 p.m. *Ruedio 54, Rue 13, 9 p.m. *Dave Aude, Dante's *.e/Sleep State, etc., Lemp *The TripDaddys/Kentucky Knife Fight/Ded Bugs/Left Arm, Creepy Crawl *7 Shot Screamers/Femme Fatality, Atomic Cowboy

-- Annie Zaleski