Clownvis Wins Sexy Musician...In Kansas City?

As I was perusing the music blog of our sister paper in Kansas City, I noticed a familiar face in the "featured posts": Clownvis Presley. Intrigued, I scrolled through the entire post and discovered that my colleague, Jason Harper, noted a list of out-of-town musicians who garnered votes in the Pitch's "Best Sexy Musician" category in their best of issue. And who came in number one in out-of-town votes? Why, our own Clownvis! Congrats is in order -- it's now official that the entire state of Missouri recognizes his sexiness.

The RFT's best of issue didn't have this category this year, so I'll throw the question out for those bold enough to answer, even if anonymously: Your votes for sexiest Lou musician? Leave 'em in the comments.