The Best Comedy Shows in St. Louis: July 2014

Sean Patton at the High Plaines Comedy Festival.
Sean Patton at the High Plaines Comedy Festival.

July's comedy joke theme is "Doublin' Up." Bare Knuckle Comedy is hosting a soiree of comedy shows featuring the triumphant return of a few of St. Louis' finest -- two of whom you might have caught a glimpse of at the sold-out Kyle Kinane and Marc Maron shows at the Firebird. The minds behind the Improv Shop and the Too Hip Series at Foam are also drawing from the same vein and offering storytelling events -- perhaps they'll fall in comedy love and all of the jokes will live happily ever after. Plus this will be the second time I reiterate how unusual it is to have enough comedy shows to deliberate what qualifies as best and what doesn't post-spring. My fingers are crossed for the trend to continue because laughter is nice, sports are stressful and the two could learn a thing or three from one another.

Saturday, July 12 in the Elvis Room Nick Vatterott featuring Bene Garcia and Jeremy Hellwig 8 p.m. | $10

Nick Vatterott passes through St. Louis about once a year because, after all, it's where he's from. Nick was one of the writers on Comedy Central's Mash-Up, which, much like Nick's live show, is a mix of both standup and sketch comedy. He's toured with Second City, so it's not farfetched to describe him as a barrel of energy, which you will find, if you continue reading, is the standard for comics passing through this month.

Featuring with Nick is Bene Garcia -- a comic I know relatively nothing about, about other than the fact that if he's on the bill he'll do just fine. Nick has the tendency to surround himself with very talented individuals. Local comedian and co-host of the Comedy Vs. Everything podcast, Jeremy Hellwig will also be telling tales of night clowns (hopefully) and everything else.

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