Clownvis Presley, King of Clowns, Returns Triumphantly to America's Got Talent

When Clownvis Presley appeared on America's Got Talent earlier this summer, his performance did not go over well with the judges. Perhaps it had something to do with his uneven performance of "Old McDonald Had a Farm." Maybe it because he insulted judge Sharon Osbourne's husband, Ozzy. Or just maybe it was because he asserted that judge "Howie Mandel hasn't made a good thing since Little Monsters." It's safe to say that his appearance was polarizing; it was either brilliant performance art or it was pure rubbish.

Word filtered down over the weekend, however, that you can't keep a good clown down: On Wednesday night, Clownvis will be appearing on Talent's live season finale.

Keep in mind that this is the series' live season finale, which means anything can happen. Tuning in is a must!