Seventh Annual St. Louis Band Scramble Set for Saturday, August 29

It's that time of year again! Sign up for the seventh-annual St. Louis Band Scramble, which takes place on Saturday, August 29. Now that the Wedge is closed, the Chippewa Chapel is at Fred's Six Foot Under every Thursday. All details below.
The Chippewa Chapel is quickly gearing up for the seventh Band Scramble. The Band Scramble was another event started at Frederick's Music Lounge. As in previous scrambles, musicians are invited to sign up for random assignment into a brand new band. Each band will have 5 members: guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and the catch-all category "other." Signups begin on Thursday, July 16th at the Chippewa Chapel. The cost to each musician is $15; $20 if you want the t-shirt. On August 6th, Chapel hosts will draw names to determine who plays with whom. The bands will have just over three weeks to compose and learn three original songs. The showdown will happen at Off Broadway on August 29th.
In an effort to ensure that St. Louis' local music scene will never fade away, the hosts of the Chippewa Chapel want to use the proceeds from the Band Scramble to send kids to rock band camp. The last Band Scramble raised enough money to provide scholarships to four young musicians. They hope to beat that record this time. For information about participating as a musician, spectator, or sponsor, contact the hosts at [email protected] or