Chris Brown: When Will We Stop Putting Up with this Guy?

A misunderstood creature, often unfairly accused of violence. And then on the right, Chris Brown. - Press Photo
Press Photo
A misunderstood creature, often unfairly accused of violence. And then on the right, Chris Brown.

I took a class on domestic violence at the local community college earlier this year. When I wasn't listening to the kid behind me eat cheeseburgers or grimacing whenever this short girl echoed the last three words the teacher said and added "uh huh" or "yup," I was learning a lot. At one point, we watched a video of men talking to a journalist after regularly attending a domestic-violence class. It was incredible seeing a guy in a Monster Energy Drink hat and a radio-rock T-shirt talk about how patriarchal societies perpetuate violence against women.

Chris Brown went through a 52-week course in domestic violence. Supposedly.

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It's hard to say, given how Chris Brown has recently been asked to restart the 1,400 hours of community service he was ordered to perform. He has been accused of filing less-than-truthful paperwork, sometimes reporting he had performed community service on days he was clearly out of town.

I remember when I first saw Chris Brown. He sang that lame "Run It" song, and I thought he had a voice like a young Michael Jackson and looked like an darker-skinned version of my girlfriend at the time's ex-boyfriend.

I was impressed by Chris Brown while simultaneously wishing I could punch him in the face. And it was obvious -- the resemblance stirred up some resentment and I was upset at poor little Chris Brown, with his handsome face, nice white teeth and great vocal range. Or maybe that wasn't it.

Maybe I could just sense that Chris Brown was trouble. I remember about six years ago, my dad showed me a picture of himself as a child. He had a sarcastic smile and a bunch of freckles.

"Look at that kid," he said. "Take a good look, and tell me if you recognize what kind of little kid that is."

"I don't get it," I replied.

"That little kid is one of those troublemakers, the kind that did things wrong and lied about it all the time. Yep. A little asshole."

I felt a little bad thinking negatively about this guy I didn't know and never would even meet. But then Chris Brown beat up Rihanna and I thought, "Yeah, I knew that was going to happen." And as he kept running into problems, he seemed to get progressively dumber looking as he became more and more arrogant. He did what a lot of morons I know have done and got a bunch of tattoos at a young age and then started wearing a stupid leather jacket with thrash metal band patches on it. I've maintained a steady course on thinking that the guy is bad news.

And he is bad news, because the only time he appears in the media is to flash his award-winning smile as he's acting like a jackass. Like whining about how people aren't forgetting that he beat up his girlfriend (at least once) and making statements that he "lost everything" as he has released seventeen singles since the incident. Or getting into an altercation with Drake and subsequently writing lyrics insinuating that he's gay. And getting into a fight with Frank Ocean, a man who admitted to have been in love with a man before, and someone from Chris Brown's crew calling him "faggot" during the fight.

Or the current situation he's dealing with, facing the revocation of his probation after being accused of failing to provide his information after a fender bender.