The White Stripes Break Up

Just a bit ago, the White Stripes announced that it's splitting up. (The announcement is so big that it appears to have crashed the band's official website.) In a letter posted on the site, Meg and Jack White didn't give specific details as to why they're splitting -- a "myriad of reasons" was the cause -- although they assured fans that both are in good health and the split isn't due to creative differences, and they don't want fans to be sad about it.

The White Stripes were a long-time St. Louis favorite, and played several memorable shows at the Pageant. The group's last local appearance was at the Fabulous Fox in late-summer 2005. I was there, and I recall the band played a 75-minute set that was light on its radio hits. Still, my most indelible memory was of Jack White contorting his body all over the venue's huge stage as he played the guitar -- a passionate, otherworldly figure possessed by the ghosts of bluesmen of the past.

"The Hardest Button to Button"