The Top 10 Rappers to Whom You Can't Tell Nothin'

Dizzee Rascal
By Jennifer Swann 

In Macklemore's forthcoming single, "Can't Hold Us," he raps, "Nah they can't tell me nothing," thus continuing a long line of rappers to whom one can not tell nothing.

It makes one wonder: Why are people always trying to tell rappers something? Why do the rappers refuse to listen? Why all the double negatives? To find out, we embarked on an important anthropological study, which also took us to the world of country music.

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10) The Alkaholics "Can't Tell Me Shit" It all started with '90s L.A. hip-hop duo The Alkaholiks, who once toured with Ice Cube and Too Short, but have since merged with New York rap crew The Beatnuts to form a mega-group called - wait for it -- Liknuts. (Rest assured, the merge hasn't changed their affinity for album art featuring 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor.) Here's their 1993 single, "Can't Tell Me Shit," featuring the lyrics: "You can't tell me shit / You can't tell me a hot damn thing / You can't tell me shit / You can't tell me shit."

9) Celly Cel "Can't Tell Me Shit" In 1996, Vallejo, Calif. gangsta rapper Celly Cel released the gem, "Can't Tell Me Shit" on his second album, Killa Kali. We won't spoil the chorus for you, but we will give you a hint: It involves the not telling of anything to someone.

8) Dizzee Rascal "U Can't Tell Me Nuffin" Fast forward to 2007. London-born rapper Dizzee Rascal gave the refrain a new tune -- and a new spelling -- with his single "U Can't Tell Me Nuffin.'" Clever!