Steve Albini Loves Poker, Answering Questions

Sent along by a friend:

Noted production genius Steve Albini answers questions from the denizens of a poker message board he frequents here. The thread is, shall we say, long, but thorough. Albini answers questions regarding career advice, his production work, the state of the music industry and, yes, Nirvana. Here are some of my favorite exchanges:

Question: Who were the worst musicians [you've worked with]? Any guys that could barely play their instruments? Steve Albini: Forgot to answer your actual question. Urge Overkill.

Question: Also, do you work w/ any jam style bands and how do you do studio work w/ those bands? Albini: I have worked with Blues Traveler and a few other jam-type bands. Generally, they set up and play live, so they can improvise and free-ball it the way they do onstage. It's a familiar and comfortable way for me to work.

If you're asking if I 'shroom first, then no, I don't 'shroom first.

Question: Do you think bands that are severely derivative, like most garage rock bands, are inferior to bands like Jesus Lizard who sound totally unique? Albini: Yes. In other news, I think Ice is cold, fire is hot and the sun will probably come up tomorrow.

Urge Overkill, "Sister Havana":

-- Annie Zaleski