St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar, April 25 to 27

Friday, April 25 *Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/The Duke Spirit, Pageant *Yea Big + Kid Static/The Livers/Robb Steele/Jason and the Beast, Bluebird *La La Land/Via Dove, Off Broadway *Sevendust/Saliva, Pop’s *Family Affair/Nite Owl/12-6 Movement/Fufops/Perfect Strangers, Duck Room

Saturday, April 26 *Black Diamond Heavies/Kentucky Knife Fight/Wormwood Scrubs, Off Broadway *Van Halen, Scottrade Center *Martin Sexton, Pageant *Nite Owl w/40 ‘Til 5, Track Vandals, James Cristos, Plan B, Upright Animals, Duck Room *Tenement Ruth, Schlafly Tap Room *Tripdaddys, Skinny Jim and The #9 Blacktops, the Lindbergh Babies, Way Out Club

Sunday, April 27 *Alicia Keys/Jordin Sparks, Scottrade Center *Sterilize Stereo/Red Water Revival, Off Broadway

Plus Bonus Monday, April 28! *Tim & Eric, Off Broadway *Bitch + the Exciting Conclusion, Bluebird