Girl Talk Video of the Show, After the Stoppage

[Ed. Note, Thursday, November 15, 7:20 p.m.: For a more detailed account of the incident at the Gargoyle, including an update on the student tased and what has happened in the intervening week, please see this blogpost. -- Annie Zaleski]

Blog commenter Billy just left this YouTube link in a previous post. It definitely sums up the confusion surrounding the ending of the show, on behalf of the crowd and Gregg Gillis. (Beware, there's some NSFW language going on throughout.)

Here's a Facebook link Billy also left, with a photoset of the Gargoyle show and the frat house after-set. First, Gargoyle. See the dude in the white headband? That's Gillis.

Now here's the frat party:

Thanks for all of the helpful comments and observations from those that were there. Keep 'em coming!

-- Annie Zaleski