In Stores Today: Ludo's First Two Records + More News

Those of us in the Lou know these Ludo albums intimately, but now the rest of the country has the chance to experience 'em: The band is reissuing its self-titled debut and the Broken Bride EP. To sweeten the deal, the iTunes edition of Ludo has a bonus song ("Elektra's Complex") and features a free live disc of an August 2004 Mississippi Nights gig, a.k.a. Ludo's first-birthday show. 

Additionally, the New Heathers' EP,  The Fuel, The Fire, The Spark is also available now via iTunes. We gave you a sneak preview of a song a few weeks ago, and you can also snag "Mr. Green Blades" via this link right here

We'll have more on all of this nearer to Ludo's October 22 show at the Pageant -- where they will be playing Broken Bride in its entirety.