Blake Griffin Posterizes Kendrick Perkins: The Five Best Accompanying Songs

Blake Griffin can jump very high and has very long arms. Last night, his Los Angeles Clippers played the Oklahoma City Thunber, and he put those two skills to work in turning six foot ten inch, 260 pound Kendrick Perkins' into a wisp of smoke. We are lucky to have someone like Griffin in our current culture of bytes, so that we could all find out within an hour and watch it over and over in .gif form instantly. Fun is being had on the Internet, and we would like to play. So we've picked out the five songs we think most hilariously/awesomely/superlatively accompany the Dunk Heard Round This Particular Fifteen Seconds. It's an NBA clip, so in order to ensure it doesn't get yanked we've left their original video below with the audio posted separately. It's really easy: Just mute the video and start the audio clips at your convenience. Tell us your favorite, of the ones below or ones we missed, in the comments.

Teenage Fanclub "Is This Music" If you press play on the track and start the dunk clip immediately afterward, the guitars kick in right when Kendrick Perkins gets a face-full of nuts.

Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J, Method Man and B Real "Hit 'Em High (Monstar's Anthem)" What NBA player better personifies a Monstar? Unfair athleticism, ultimately a good heart, relatively limited skill set. Plus, remember this song?

Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart" It's getting a little chilly in here, no? We recommend starting the music around the 0:30 mark.

Waka Flocka Flame "Hard in Da Paint" Because who needs a metaphor when you've got the real thing?

Small child with a recorder "Hot Cross Buns" This goes out to everyone who rolled his eyes at this post starting at the headline because Sports Is Dumb and still made it this far. Congratulations.