Riddle of Steel: Breaking Up, Last Show September 27


The rumors are true. Riddle of Steel is breaking up, and its last show is Saturday, September 27, at the Bluebird. The trio's last album was 1985. Here's the MySpace missive:

After almost 9 years of continuous rock, one ep, three full lengths, multiple comps, seven inches, hundreds of shows and numerous domestic and foreign tours, Riddle of Steel will soon be wrapping it all up. Indeed, perhaps you heard the rumours, and they are true. Why? It's one of those things you just know when it's "time." In an effort to eschew any unnecessary melodrama, here, ladies and gents, are the facts.

Jimmy is likely to move on to greener pastures, perhaps on one of the coasts? Rob is gonna keep dialing in the tunes via Traindodge, Roma 79. Andrew is either gonna go back to learnin' school, or luthiery (guitar building) school.

It of course would be much more interesting, especially in gossip circles, if our disbanding were the result of a Yoko Ono, severe drug/alcohol abuse, numerous inter-band fist fights, the piling up of lawsuits from the mothers of our illegitimate children, or one of us getting snatched up by David Bowie, or getting sucked into a video game ala Tron. The reality is, the truth is not always that exciting, the reasons not always so satisfying. But when folks in the band feel in their heart and head it's time to stop, it's time to stop and move on to something else. Lucky for us, we get to go out on top. Disagree? Buy the new record, punk.
The hardest part is gonna be not seeing all our bro's and sisters on the road. All of you who've set up shows, put us up, fed us, beer'd, coffee'd and rocked with us - you guys all made it worthwhile, and that's the truth. And of course, all hail the immortal Ascetic Records and Hieu Ngyuen, without whom **none** of this would have been possible.

But, it ain't over just yet... We wanna do the best we can to bust out a final lil' round of shows in the midwest, for our original crew of people.
There's a few dates still in the works, but the FINAL show will be -

... are you paying attention?, cuz this show will be our LAST show - the show to end all shows - and is going to be huge. Huge! Roma 79 and Traindodge will be there to celebrate with us, and so will you. It'll be a giant fucking party, and we'll keep you posted on all the details/events we have planned for it.