St. Louis Music Inc. Funeral, Saturday, December 13 at the Kat Club

Kopper does a great job explaining why the St. Louis Music Inc. Funeral show matters. The details of the gig are as follows: Saturday, December 13, at the Kat Club (1440 North Broadway, next to Shady Jack’s). Doors open at 7:00 p.m., tickets are $5 and it's a 21-plus show. Bands on the bill have members who are part of the SLM family, including Trip Daddys, Giants in the Sky and more. Why is this a funeral? Kopper says:

LOUD Technologies, the company that purchased St. Louis Music in 2005, has closed this long-time (since 1922) locally based company, a designer and distributor of Ampeg, Crate, Dan Armstrong, and other top brands of musicians gear. In May 2007, Loud closed the Ampeg and Crate engineering department in St. Louis, preferring to have new models designed by their own engineers, as well as an Asian engineering group. This followed Loud ceasing manufacturing of Ampeg and Crate at the Yellville, AR, manufacturing facility, outsourcing the manufacturing to contract manufacturers in Asia, and firing the entire sales staff. As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, Loud has also decided to put the final nail in the SLM coffin by eliminating the distribution facility.

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