Feds: Area Tech Firm's Employee Expensed Online Strippers and a Personal Sexual Device

An employee of World Wide Technology, Inc., a Maryland Heights-based IT firm, was indicted in federal court here last week for secretly using his company credit card to shower online strippers with tips and gifts, and to buy himself a "sexual device" made by Fleshlight, a brand of male masturbation tools.

John David Berrett of Gilbert, Arizona, started working at WWT in 2004. His job was meet with clients both in the U.S. and abroad to offer training and support.

Berrett would submit expense reports to WWT detailing what he'd bought with his company credit card -- stuff like training materials and computer cables.

But in reality, prosecutors allege, Berrett was using the money for other things.

He would go to the online stripper website MyFreeCams.com and buy virtual "tokens" to tip the dancers. Berrett tipped them 2,200 times, according to the indictment, for a whopping total of $100,000.

He also befriended some of the strippers and used his WWT credit card to buy them "chocolates, flowers, electronic equipment, wine, a television, handbag, laptop computer, iPod and shoes."

To one stripper he allegedly sent $26,800 in cash so she could pay for her college tuition bill, new tires for her car and her parent's utility bill -- all on WWT's dime.

All told, for the period from September 2013 to October 2014, Berrett is accused of diverting more than $476,000 of company funds toward his own purposes.

(And yes, one of his purposes was a $131.08 item that he claimed was a "training guide," but in fact was a "sexual device" made by Fleshlight, which -- well, feel free to visit their website.)

Berrett now faces five counts of federal wire fraud. Read a copy of the full indictment below:

USA v John David Berrett